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Q&A concerning RAST: Does a Glider get lower certification rating by having RAST?

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It is not as simple as that unfortunately. A paraglider’s collapseresistance does not have any bearing on its rating in the certification test. In the EN test, the collapses performed on gliders equipped with RAST must be across the same area as other paragliders and they behave in just the same way as traditional gliders if there is a collapse of the same size.
Having said that, with our RAST gliders, to some extent it is no longer even possible to collapse the canopy using the methods described by the EN/LTF standard within the measurement fields specified!

Thus the glider must be ‘pitched’ or auxiliary lines must be incorporated in order to produce a collapse within the measurement field.
This in turn can have negative implications for the test results, as the glider is often preaccelerated by tricks or ploys such as these.
Some further discussion on this with the type-testing bodies is still needed given that RAST is designed primarily to prevent collapses and not to improve reactions to large-scale collapses.

RAST – effectively counters collapses of considerable depth.

[/fusion_fontawesome]RAST – Frequently Asked Questions about the Ram Air Section Technology

Under real operating conditions, we have not yet encountered any large-scale collapses or uncontrollable flying situations with our RAST series gliders.
In the simulations we have carried out during development and in the certification tests, we have to attempt to force the collapses in the measurement fields specified using force or tricks.
Depending on the model and particularly with the accelerated manoeuvres, the reactions can initially be dynamic as the air remaining in the canopy produces a good deal of resistance.
In contrast to that, however, there is the quick and reliable reopening and the small loss in height.

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