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What makes RAST so special?

The concept: a paraglider is divided into different pressure areas by one or more partitions and valves. This creates sections which inflate either more quickly or more slowly, as the designer wishes. This allows us to influence internal pressure and thus the glider’s stability and collapse behaviour.

Its implementation: the partition is manufactured from paraglider fabric and is attached crossways to flight direction. There are no disadvantages in handling compared to conventional paragliders.


RAST on launch

When the glider is being inflated, RAST slows the inflow of air into the rear section of the glider. The front section of the profile, which is relevant for air-flow, develops very quickly and the glider starts to rise up from the ground immediately.

As inflation continues, the rear section of the canopy is inflated only slowly, which produces very harmonious and even launch behaviour. The glider won’t overshoot or launch the pilot unintentionally – and won’t dive after launch!

  • No overshooting!
  • No launching the pilot unintentionally!
  • No diving after launch!

Collapses and front stalls become a problem only if the rear section sharply deflates and the trailing edge is bent beyond mid-wing.

RAST effectively counters this!

The reason is the two pressure areas which RAST forms …

If there are canopy stability problems, RAST prevents the canopy from deflating abruptly and/or completely,
as the air is not able to escape as quickly from the rear section. The rear section of the canopy (almost) always remains in position.

This is the CORE section.

A sufficiently large area of the paraglider can still collapse at the front,
which is necessary to dampen and dissipate the energy.
Just as with a car’s crumple zone, it absorbs the energy, while the CORE section remains intact.

This is the BUFFER section.

Swing Rast

The main advantages are:

Line of collapse and distorted surface in conventional paragliders

Line of collapse and distorted surface with RAST


Swing MITO mit RAST - Fullstall
RAST Testprogramm am Gardasee
RAST Illustration
RAST wie es in der Schirmkappe aussieht




“If the CORE section doesn’t remain in position, then it means that you are definitely in the wrong place or that you have messed up the infinity!”

Michael Nesler (Chief designer)


“I believe that RAST is the ground-breaking technology in paragliding which will see a further significant increase in safety”

Günther Wörl (CEO)

The potential

RAST is an innovation in paraglider design, which has what it takes to produce a new generation of paragliders which make our sport even safer and easier.

We would appreciate hearing your comments!

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